Your Clients Can Be Fined for Poor Home Maintenance

City ordinances and homeowners associations present many guidelines your clients must follow. Homeowners can face fines for violating rules and laws, such as not obtaining the proper permit for a remodeling project or not performing regular upkeep on a property. MSN recently highlighted several surprising things that homeowners also can get in trouble for, including:

Obstructed address number. Your clients should make sure their landscaping isn’t hiding the address numbers on their homes. “Obstructed address numbers are a violation of code compliance because the fire, police, and ambulance personnel need to be able to identify your home in case of an emergency,” MSN reports.

Missing or loose handrails on stairs or decks. These aren’t just for decoration; they’re meant for safety, too. Homeowners can get fined for having outdoor steps that have an unsecured handrail or none at all. The city could fine the owner until they have it fixed.

Trees that block the street. Large, overgrown trees can become a nuisance if they intrude into drivers’ line of sight on the street, creating a safety hazard. City laws vary on this, but in Austin, Texas, homeowners are required to trim trees so that there is at least 14 feet of clearance over the curb line.

Placing garbage out too early. Several cities and homeowners associations police when homeowners can put their trash can and recycling bins out on the curb for trash day. Too early? You can get fined. For example, in Hallandale Beach, Fla., homeowners who place their bins out on the curb before 6 p.m. the day prior can get a fine.

Source: “10 Surprising Things Homeowners Can Be Fined For,” MSN (June 4, 2019)