Getting Ready to Buy a Home?

There are many steps to the home buying process and it can be overwhelming. Here’s why identifying the right REALTOR® to help you on your home buying journey is so important.

First Steps:
  • It starts with a Desire! Owning a home is a big part of the American dream, and most people would say that the independence, autonomy, and sense of accomplishment that owning a home brings is an essential part of the American way of life.
  • Do I qualify? The widespread myth that perfect credit and large down payments are necessary to buy a home are holding many potential home buyers on the sidelines. Contacting a lender helps you best understand if you are able to buy now!
  • Select the neighborhoods you desire to live in and review the listing information on properties that interest you.
  • Select and interview a Buyer’s Agent from a local, trusted real estate firm. Local real estate professionals are often members of community organizations and are usually well versed in their area’s history. Their ties to the community make them a great resource whether you plan to relocate to a new area or across town.
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Pre-approval Loan Programs:

Buyers requiring financing to facilitate the purchase of their home are encouraged to apply for a loan. Once you obtain a Pre-approval letter from your lender, you can then set out to find the home of your dreams.

Here’s why…

  • Home buyers know whether or not they qualify.
  • Once qualified, home buyers look at the right priced homes.
  • Home buyers save money dealing with a comfortable seller.
  • A pre-qualified buyer is a stronger bidder. You close quicker!
As your Buyer’s Agent, Garden Heights Realty will:
  • Assist you in finding the home that meets your needs. We commit the time and resources needed to find exactly what you want, and will continue to search for the right home – at the right price, in the neighborhood you want to call home.
  • Show you properties when you are available because we work as a team to make your schedule our schedule. We will immediately inform you of a NEW property when it hits the market that meets your criteria. 
Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent
OLD CAR: A Realtor's Fiduciary Responsibilities

Photo: 1912 Abbott-Detroit, Abbott-Detroit Motor Car Co. Detroit, Michigan 1909-1915,
WHAT DOES AN OLD CAR HAVE IN COMMON WITH THE FIDUCIARY DUTIES OF A REALTOR?  Photo: 1912 Abbott-Detroit, Abbott-Detroit Motor Car Co. Detroit, Michigan 1909-1915,

In accordance with the National Association of Realtors®, a Real Estate Agent who becomes an Agent of a Seller or Buyer, either intentionally through the execution of a written agreement, or unintentionally by a course of conduct, will be deemed to be a fiduciary.  Fiduciary duties are the highest duties known to the law.  Classic examples of fiduciaries are trustees, executors, and guardians.  As a fiduciary, a Real Estate Agent will be held under the law to owe certain specific duties to his principal, in addition to any duties or obligations set forth in a listing agreement or other contract of employment. These specific fiduciary duties include:


Obedience. The REALTOR® is obligated to promptly and efficiently follow your lawful instructions, as long as they are lawful and ethical.  For example, if you're selling your home and tell him/her that you'd like them to be present every time a Buyer's Agent shows the house, he/she must follow your instructions. They might point out the reasons why such instructions might be counter-productive (for example, what if your agent has a conflict and can't be there when the potential buyer wants to see the house?), but if you insist, the standard of Obedience means they must do what you tell them to do.  However, this duty plainly does not include an obligation to obey any unlawful instructions; for example, an instruction to misrepresent the condition of the property. Compliance with instructions the agent knows to be unlawful could constitute a breach of an agent’s duty of loyalty.


Loyalty: A duty of loyalty is one of the most fundamental fiduciary duties owed by an agent to his principal. This duty obligates a real estate broker to act at all times solely in the best interests of his principal to the exclusion of all other interests, including the broker’s own self-interest. A corollary of this duty of loyalty is a duty to avoid steadfastly any conflicts of interest that might compromise or dilute the broker’s undivided loyalty to his principal’s interests. Thus, a real estate broker’s duty of loyalty prohibits him from accepting employment from any person whose interests compete with, or are adverse to, his principal’s interests. A classic example of breach of this duty of loyalty by a real estate broker is a broker who purchases property listed with his firm and then immediately resells it at a profit. Such conduct ordinarily is perfectly appropriate and lawful by persons acting “at arm’s length.” But a fiduciary will be deemed to have “stolen” a profit opportunity rightfully belonging to his principal and thus to have breached his duty of loyalty.


Disclosure: An agent is obligated to disclose to his principal all relevant and material information that the agent knows and that pertains to the scope of the agency. The duty of disclosure obligates a real estate broker representing a seller to reveal to the seller:


  • All offers to purchase the seller’s property.
  • The identity of all potential purchasers.
  • Any facts affecting the value of the property.
  • Information concerning the ability or willingness of the buyer to complete the sale or to offer a higher price.
  • The broker’s relationship to, or interest in, a prospective buyer.
  • A buyer’s intention to subdivide or resell the property for a profit.
  • Any other information that might affect the seller’s ability to obtain the highest price and best terms in the sale of his property.

A real estate broker representing a buyer is obligated to reveal to the buyer:

  • The willingness of the seller to accept a lower price.
  • Any facts relating to the urgency of the seller’s need to dispose of the property.
  • The broker’s relationship to, or interest in, the seller of the property for sale.
  • Any facts affecting the value of the property.
  • The length of time the property has been on the market and any other offers or counteroffers that have been made relating to the property.
  • Any other information that would affect the buyer’s ability to obtain the property at the lowest price and on the most favorable terms.

CAVEAT: An agent’s duty of disclosure to his principal must not be confused with a real estate broker’s duty to disclose to non-principals any known material facts concerning the value of the property. This duty to disclose known material facts is based upon a real estate broker’s duty to treat all persons honestly and fairly. This duty of honesty and fairness does not depend on the existence of an agency relationship.


Confidentiality: An agent is obligated to safeguard his principal’s confidence and secrets. A real estate broker, therefore, must keep confidential any information that might weaken his principal’s bargaining position if it were revealed. This duty of confidentiality precludes a broker representing a seller from disclosing to a buyer that the seller can, or must, sell his property below the listed price. Conversely, a broker representing a buyer is prohibited from disclosing to a seller that the buyer can, or will, pay more for a property than has been offered.


CAVEAT: This duty of confidentiality plainly does not include any obligation on a broker representing a seller to withhold from a buyer known material facts concerning the condition of the seller’s property or to misrepresent the condition of the property. To do so would constitute misrepresentation and would impose liability on both the broker and the seller.


Accounting:  An agent is obligated to account for all money or property belonging to his principal that is entrusted to him. This duty compels a real estate broker to safeguard any money, deeds, or other documents entrusted to him that relate to his client’s transactions or affairs.


Reasonable Care and Diligence: An Agent is obligated to use reasonable care and diligence in pursuing the principal’s affairs. The standard of care expected of a real estate broker representing a seller or buyer is that of a competent real estate professional. By reason of his license, a real estate broker is deemed to have skill and expertise in real estate matters superior to that of the average person. As an agent representing others in their real estate dealings, a broker or salesperson is under a duty to use his superior skill and knowledge while pursuing his principal’s affairs. This duty includes an obligation to affirmatively discover facts relating to his principal’s affairs that a reasonable and prudent real estate broker would be expected to investigate. Simply put, this is the same duty any professional, such as a doctor or lawyer, owes to his patient or client.


Garden Heights Realty’s Buyers’ Agents are well versed neighborhood of Jackson Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Your Buyer’s Agent is your own “Real Estate Professional.”  The Buyer’s Agent represents you! It is your Buyer’s Agent’s goal to find you the perfect home at a price you can afford.  It is important to keep an open mind and be flexible during the home buying journey.  With constant communication between you and your Buyer’s Agent, they will be able to stay current should your needs and requirements change.


Garden Heights Realty Pledge to Home Buyers:


The Buyer’s Agents with Garden Heights Realty will:

  • Counsel with you to determine the type and location of property that will meet your needs.
  • Diligently search for the type and location of property that meets your needs.
  • Email you all new listings the same day they hit the market.
  • Exclusively represent YOU, the home buyer’s interests.
  • Keep your financial information and price intentions confidential.
  • Point out the strengths and weaknesses of various properties.
  • Negotiate, exclusively on your behalf as the home buyer, the best possible purchase price, terms and other pertinent conditions.
  • Offer an independent, professional written inspection of the property you select and quality home warranty as part of your purchase price.
  • Give you our undivided trust, loyalty and confidence.


Additional Benefits of Working with Garden Heights Realty:

We work with any LIBOR/REBNY/NYMLS member

As a member of a multiple listings service, we can show you any property listed by any real estate company in the New York State. Should you see a a listing online, in the New York Times, or sign in the yard, call your Buyer’s Agent. They will provide you with information and schedule a showing the property for you.

We work for you!

Note: Please inform the Listing Agent, representing the Seller, that the professionals at Garden Heights Realty represent you.

We work with for-sale-by-owners

Homeowners selling their own property more often will work with Garden Heights Realty. We contact the owner and make an appointment for you.

We work with Contractors

Should you want to renovate your next home, we can expertly and exclusively counsel your interests.  All information, financial or otherwise, are kept confidential.


How may we assist you?

The Real Estate Professionals at Garden Heights Realty guide you through the entire process of home buying.  We will be delighted to meet with you and discuss the home buying steps as outlined on our website, as well as:

  • Negotiate the contract;
  • Review financing clauses;
  • Discuss what to expect from a home inspection;
  • Explain closing costs; and
  • Answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

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We look forward to working with you.