New Ads Call Out Instagram-Perfect, Fakeness in Home Searches

The Instagram-perfect, mansion-living lifestyles of the rich and famous aren’t the same reality for the majority of home shoppers. A new ad campaign from® pokes fun at unrealistic stereotypes when it comes to buying a home and offers a dose of realness to find “homes, for the real of us.”

“There are a lot of fantasies out there when it comes to where you live, but the reality of owning your own home outshines every megamansion, every mountainside retreat, every ultra-modern, minimal abode,” says Andrew Strickman, head of brand and chief creative for®. “Our new campaign serves as a humorous reminder to not be discouraged by unattainable stereotypes, and that® is here to help you find a real home that matters to you.”

The first of the new® creative spots, called “Socialites,” presents viewers with overly dramatized, over-the-top fantasy homes and lifestyles. It then cuts away to a realistic scene of a more relatable buyer searching for a typical house at a realistic price using® search features.

“Today’s world, be it through television shows, celebrities, influencers, or social media, can set some very unreal expectations on what life should be,” says Fede Garcia, global executive creative director at Huge, the ad agency that developed®’s campaign. “But people don’t live in that unreal world, they live in a very real world with very real needs and especially with very real budgets.”

The campaign will run on national broadcast, digital, and social media through October.