How to Cozy Up a Large Space

Spacious areas can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming. How can you make a large living room with high ceilings feel more inviting? Houzz, a home remodeling website resource, provides some of the following tips:

Leverage tall potted plants.

For a room with tall ceilings, incorporate tall plants. It’ll help fill in vertical height gaps while also drawing the eyes up to help accentuate the high ceilings.

Paint two-tone walls.

To make the ceiling feel lower and more intimate, be sure to use a different color of paint on the bottom half of the walls. Use wainscoting, or tape off a line and paint everything below it a different color.

Bring in an oversized ottoman.

Larger seating arrangements can feel empty if there is too much distance between the furnishings. To close the gap, bring in an upholstered ottoman. It’ll add more softness to the room than a traditional coffee table.

Use furniture to define zones.

Try using a daybed bench or chaise to split up a really large living space. You can then create two full seating areas and help create a flow between the zones. A console table can also help section off parts of a living room. Float a sofa in the middle of the room and then place a console table behind it.

Create an intimate nook.

In large living rooms, create a second seating area in an unfilled corner. For example, put a small table against a bare wall and place two chairs on each side of it. This could be a space for reading or an intimate conversation area.

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Source: “13 Strategies for Making a Large Room Feel Comfortable,” Houzz (Feb. 15, 2019)